Beautify for Adobe Photoshop 2 torrent download

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Beautify for Adobe Photoshop 2 torrent download

Beautify for Adobe Photoshop 2

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Beautify: revolutionary and simple. Beautify is a Photoshop tool designed and made for the needs of all photographers, from amateur to professional. Developed by industry experts, Beautifi will help you get your portrait perfect in just a few clicks. This is the focus of technology that will help you speed up, simplify, and improve the quality of your work. If you are a beginner, Beauty will help you create what you have always dreamed of and if you are a beauty professional, it will help you save 90% of your precious time.

Accelerate the workflow by up to 90%

– Optimized for screens up to 5k

– Modern and attractive design

– Pro functions

Retouch the AI

Use the potential of new algorithms to remove skin imperfections and restore texture.


Finally, you can adjust the light on the subject with new, intuitive and very efficient functions with a very natural display.

Do it

A range of tools to apply realistic digital makeup in just a few clicks. You can correct very small mistakes in the existing makeup or just give room to the imagination.

Mood and accessories

When the light is not the best, bring your photos to life with revolutionary “atmospheric” features, have fun with new “mood” effects, create bright or tonal tones and manage the sharpness and contrast of your photos professionally.

Main interface

In these 3 sections you will find everything you need for a professional post production portrait. With a variety of frequency separation techniques, advanced seal burning, stain removal, full light control, and digital makeup are the only limits to your imagination. You can customize the user interface by selecting the language you want. The tools that are important for your development are always available in the appropriate toolbar. Impossible words will only be bad memories from now on.

Mood, atmosphere, accessories

These 3 sections are intended to put a personal and creative stamp on your work. You can access many environments to add charming color to your photos. You can emphasize the atmosphere of your portrait by using different colors to distort the landscape or simply highlight the existing situation. You can simulate the blurring of various lenses and use subtle techniques to finish your photos to improve sharpness and contrast.

Mask of brightness and shadow

With this editor you can make the perfect choice based on the brightness of the landscape and combine them by choosing between warm and cool colors. This allows you to decide whether to apply the change only to the light, midtone or shadow area by choosing from 13 lightness areas. In addition, the practical preview function makes it easier for you to select the ideal mask in order to achieve the right result in the shortest possible time.

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