Windows 10 X64 Pro VL incl Office 2019 fr-FR JUNE 2020 {Gen2} download

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Windows 10 X64 Pro VL incl Office 2019 fr-FR JUNE 2020 {Gen2} download

Windows 10 X64 Pro VL incl Office 2019 fr-FR JUNE 2020 {Gen2}

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* Windows 10 X64 Pro VL mit Office 2019 ProPlus von FR bis 5. Juni 2020

* Ausgabe 2004

* Fehler:

* Größe: 4,83 GB

* Format: ISO, die gestartet werden kann

* CRC32: 1bc9d559

* MD5: 58af72df897bc5563d6b499614f2a295

* SHA-1: 174f406123325ad8ebef2e8b977f4221aae8ae33

Enthalten / installiert:

* Office 2019 ProPlus VL

* Service Stack Update:

* KB4560366

* Ergänzung:

* KB4557957

* NET-System

* Gesammelte Updates für

* NET-System und:

* KB4552925

* Sicherheitsupdate für Flash Player:

* KB4561600

Komplette Einrichtung / Installation:

* Verteidiger-Update


* Windows 10 Pro

* Office 2019 ProPlus

* Aktivator: HWID und KMS Online

* UEFI verfügbar

* (Verwenden Sie ein angeschlossenes Rufus USB-Gerät, um UEFI einzuschalten.)

* Erkennungs- und Aktualisierungstools (Microsoft DaRT)

* hervorgehoben für Wiederherstellungsformat ()

* Erstellen Sie mit Rufus einen bootfähigen USB-Stick (sehr zu empfehlen).

* (installiert) oder mit niedriger Geschwindigkeit auf DVD-DL brennen.

* WindowsAddict, Windows-Autorisierungszertifikat

* Ich hoffe dir gefällt dieser Beitrag!


* Generation2

* Windows 10 Pro X64 Redstone 5 pt-BR MAI 2019

* Ausgabe 1809

* Office 2019 Pro enthalten

* Fehler:

* Größe: 4,83 GB

* Format: ISO, die gestartet werden kann

* CRC32: f219b2e8

* MD5: 9c200dcccfe2ff305c57874c9fd35dab

* SHA-1: 86248ab0912379bea00ab5f229349df3d8cf46d8


* Enthalten / installiert:

* Office 2019 ProPlus VL 64bit

* Service Stack Update:

* KB4493510

* Add-On-Update:

* KB4495667

* Gesammelte Updates für

*. NET-System und:

* KB4489192

* Sicherheitsupdate für Flash Player:

* KB4493478

Komplette Einrichtung / Installation:

*. NET-System

* Aktualisieren Sie Windows Defender


* Windows 10 Pro mit Office 2019

* Betriebssystemaktivierung: DigitalLicense

* Office-Aktivierung: OnlineKMS

* UEFI verfügbar

* (Verwenden Sie ein angeschlossenes Rufus USB-Gerät, um UEFI einzuschalten.)

* Erkennungs- und Aktualisierungstools (Microsoft DaRT)

* hervorgehoben für Wiederherstellungsformat ()

* Erstellen Sie mit Rufus einen bootfähigen USB-Stick (sehr zu empfehlen).

* (installiert) oder mit niedriger Geschwindigkeit auf DVD-DL brennen.

* WindowsAddict, Autor des Windows-Aktivierungsdokuments

* Ich hoffe dir gefällt dieser Beitrag!


* Generation2

Messenger hotlips download torrent

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Messenger hotlips download torrent


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Free chat app for all your contacts Facebook Messenger is a free app that you can use to chat with your friends and family. It has a variety of built-in services that make communication fun and interesting. With photos, gifts, video messages, voice memos, and stickers, you can send almost everything. It automatically syncs with your Facebook contacts so you don’t have to enter (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}} phone numbers or IDs for each one. The messenger runs a variety of devices and operating systems. use it on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and most web browsers. The user interface remains the same no matter what device you use. Besides just talking, there are other ways to interact with friends and family. You can make voice and video calls. , share links and documents, and create group conversations to facilitate your communication. There are many ways to download and install this application. You can go to the App Store or just download the Messenger APK and follow the on-screen instructions. It automatically syncs all your Facebook messages on multiple devices. This is a regular feature when you are at home or traveling. Installing and ordering is very easy. when it starts, find the people you want to talk to and send a message. This app also monitors how often you send a message and when your contact reads it. There is a slight delay in talking to your friends. When you click Send, a message is sent almost immediately. Customize your experience You can customize the user interface to your liking. Messenger lets you change the background and color of chat bubbles. There is also the option to set custom notifications for each communication, which is great for separating work and social voices. For people who would prefer to ignore it, silence is the solution. There is also a dark state that changes the white and blue theme into a dark gray and a black cover. This is easy on the eyes and consumes less battery life for mobile phones. Unfortunately, OLED displays cannot take full advantage of this service as it is not completely black. If you have an old phone and still want to use this app, there are alternatives. You can download Messenger Lite. It takes very little memory and still preserves many of the services that came with nature. However, there are differences in user interface and ease of use. Messenger Lite does not load images in advance, so you will have to wait for higher versions to download. However, GIF search functions and stickers are much better. File sharing This application is very important as you can share documents. You can submit photos, videos, spreadsheets, and more. File types include .pdf, .jpg, .png, .doc, .mp3, and .mp4. Some messaging apps like iMessage block sending. Since this Facebook alternative works on data connection, you can send as many files as you need. Stories, Filters and Sports Messenger go beyond communication. Like Instagram, there is a situation where you can share stories directly with your contacts. You can also select photos or videos from your collections for everyone to see. These take 24 hours to disappear. This app also has a variety of filters that you can use. This includes basic shades and color changes, as well as well-known services ofSnapchat. There are some that work basically, while others change from week to week. If you are tired of talking to friends or hitting a wall, there are many games to challenge. You can choose from Tetris, Galaga, Everwing, Invader Space, and more. The most popular Facebook Messenger game is 8 Pool Ball. Nothing breaks the ice like a fast game when you talk. These games also have a high score so you can compete with your friends or start a group chat and play against each other. The above scores apply only to the chat on which the game was started. Thus, each group has a different classification. It’s a beautiful and interesting way to keep people connected. Insecurity While this app is good, it does not have certain services to keep you safe. Alternatives like Telegram or WhatsApp strive to keep your records safe from the world. The messenger takes a different route, without encryption and there is no option for confidential conversations. Security is usually an integral part of many online applications. However, since the only information at risk is the one you send in a chat message, the value of the information depends on what you write. If you plan to use this app, please note that your records are not private and speak accordingly. Alternatively, your messaging features are the app to go for your chat needs. Messenger is a great choice for anyone who wants a simple and easy to use messaging system. When your safety is at stake, you have a lot to offer without it. The quality of the connection is constant and remains consistent for video calls and file downloads. Its added bells and whistles make it even more important; It’s fun to use. In a recent update, developers introduce Paying for Facebook. You can use this to make payments wherever you are or buy online. The company now has 24 hours to answer customer questions. You can also delete messages to anyone in group chats and share your screen in video chambers. This is a new FB Messenger service that allows you to create a room where any guest can join the video call. Up to 50 people can participate indefinitely. Facebook designed this service to compete with other apps like Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams. why not try it?

Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC x64 v20.10 lite (ivankehayov) Scaricare Torrent

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Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC x64 v20.10 lite (ivankehayov) Scaricare Torrent

Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC x64 v20.10 lite (ivankehayov)

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Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC x64 lite (ivankehayov)

(Dimensioni: 902 MB)

(SHA1: B9BCF59DAC3F0D1482794E28FF26D9F025A3CED2)

(basato su)

Questa è una piccola versione di Windows 10 LTSC x64 creata da me – ivankehayov.

Verranno visualizzati tutti gli aggiornamenti fino a ottobre 2020, inclusi gli aggiornamenti .NetFx Windows Defender.

Si prega di notare che questo piccolo Windows può essere installato in modo pulito solo da un’unità USB (non è possibile aggiornare il sistema operativo corrente) !!! E non riceverai alcun aggiornamento cumulativo mensile futuro!

Alcune caratteristiche di questa versione:

Rimuovere il supporto di installazione di dimensione più piccola possibile con funzionalità minime il supporto più compatibile con il software.

niente di integrato;

Non sono state apportate modifiche al registro.

IE la calcolatrice sono collegati alla barra delle applicazioni per comodità.

altre funzioni possono essere installate rimosse;

I Language Pack possono essere scaricati installati.

È possibile utilizzare l’account MS.

Funzionalità rimosse:

Adobe Flash per IE, backup, BitLocker, Cortana, quota disco, accesso alla maggior parte delle opzioni, riconoscimento viso / dito, fax, cronologia file, caratteri (asiatici usati raramente), Hyper-V, strumenti per sviluppatori IE, IIS, riconoscimento grafia, diagnostica memoria, MSMQ , Connessione MultiPoint, strumenti NFC, mappe offline, OCR, controllo genitori, editor di caratteri privati, ripristino, supporto remoto, funzione desktop remoto, suoni spaziali, opzione lingua / lingua, registratore di passi, memoria, Windows Insider Hub, Windows Insider Hub, Windows, Windows Sottosistema per Linux, Windows To Go, cartella di lavoro, visualizzatore / creatore XPS, la maggior parte dei driver (invia driver di rete almeno dopo l’installazione!).

Funzioni attive (come mostrato in StartMenu):

Calcolatrice, Mappa caratteri, Internet Explorer, Editor, Paint, Tutorial, Windows Media Player, WordPad, Servizi componenti, Gestione computer, Deframmentazione ottimizzazione, Pulizia disco, Visualizzatore eventi, Origini dati ODBC, Print Manager, Editor del Registro di sistema, Servizi, Configurazione di sistema, Configurazione di sistema, Barra delle applicazioni, Firewall di sicurezza avanzata, Windows PowerShell, Sicurezza di Windows, Prompt dei comandi, Pannello di controllo, Esplora file, Esegui, Task Manager, Strumenti di amministrazione di Windows.

Altre funzioni rimanenti:

.NET Framework, modalità aereo, tutti layout di tastiera, driver di base, bluetooth, connessione / progetto con monitor esterno, utilizzo di dati Internet, supporto per la condivisione di file, componenti legacy (DirectPlay), editor per criteri di gruppo locali (), posizione di archiviazione, funzioni multimediali, opzione per condivisione di file multimediali, hotspot portatile, multitasking, stampa come PDF, menu contestuale, compressione esterna, opzione di sincronizzazione, opzione di ripristino del sistema, controllo dell’account utente.

Usa un attivatore KMS che puoi trovare su Internet per l’ATTIVAZIONE.

Viene creato un file per automatizzare il processo di installazione. – Lingua: en-US, EULA accettato; Nome utente: IK (amministratori), nome computer: IK-PC, ora: UTC + 2 ore.

Per favore, dona se ti piace ti piace il mio Windows

PS: odio il bloatware in Windows 10 che rovina l’esperienza rallenta il computer.

Realizzo piccole finestre da Windows. Ho testato tutte le mie versioni su VM computer reali.

Se sei con la mia versionetrova software incompatibile, fammi sapere tramite il PM il commento. Proverò a risolvere l’incompatibilità nel mio prossimo mese.

Divertiti con le mie piccole finestre!


FREE Seed4Me VPN Proxy Unblock 1.0.10 Windows Download Torrent

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FREE Seed4Me VPN Proxy Unblock 1.0.10 Windows Download Torrent

FREE Seed4Me VPN Proxy Unblock 1.0.10 Windows

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VPN4Me Proxy is a very simple software that allows you to set up a secure VPN connection for 20 seconds or less.

Surf the web anonymously, hide your location, making your geographical IP address different from your real one so no one can track you. Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad VPN also opens websites that are usually restricted to your current location.

After downloading you just need to select the VPN country, it will take about 5 seconds.

There are more than 19 countries to choose from: USA, UK, Canada, France, Russia, Switzerland (torrent parallel), Sweden (parallel torrent), Belgium, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, India, Hong Kong, Singapore , Israel and South Korea.

To connect, you don’t have to browse Settings, just press the Connect button on the app.

The Direct Protection (VPN on Demand) option is available in the iOS version of the app. The required VPN ensures that all your data coming in / out of Wi-Fi is clearly encrypted and distributed through a secure VPN channel.

Personal registration is valid for all your devices, phones, tablets and computers.

Quick classification summary:

– Account 1 for all devices: Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle

– 19 VPN sites

– No ads

– Free VPN for 6 months during the free software licensing project campaign


– IPSec 2048-bit in iOS apps

– OpenVPN for MAC and Windows applications

– PPTP / L2TP for manual installation on different devices

– No logs on VPN nodes, no DPI

– Total connection logs stored for 7 days on secure servers and deleted if no connection problems were reported

Torrent to P2P:

– Permitted in Switzerland and Sweden


– Perfection has not been tested

– Unlimited one-time connection if using the app

– One bill is valid for all devices

– 1 L2TP / PPTP connection for manual installation, up to 3 simultaneous connections can be updated on request support (update is free)

– Unlimited speed if you connect from the app

Support for:

– Ticket system, email or tap the Help button in the app

– We speak English, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Arabic.

System Requirements:

– Operating System: Windows 10 / Window 8 / Window / Windows 7 / XP / Vista

– Memory (RAM): 512 MB

– Hard drive: 9.98 MB

Check for malware:

Detection ratio: 0/63 – 100% pure


SHA256: be3c4ca9eef5b0d980f5d2fedc30866dca017510a3f8dd8a2f18d6a9ad903cad


Date of analysis: 2017-07-06 20:59:04 UTC


Install and enjoy!

Developer support: buy official software.

Windows 10 Pro x64 v2004 es-ES – ACTiVATED June 2020 Update Download

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Windows 10 Pro x64 v2004 es-ES – ACTiVATED June 2020 Update Download

Windows 10 Pro x64 v2004 es-ES - ACTiVATED June 2020 Update

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Always check for the latest version of the Windows ISO file in #

Espaa-Espaol version of Windows

Windwos 10 Professional x64 / INSTALLED

Olympic edition: 2004 / Olympic building:

Name number: 20H1

This ISO file can be started with UEFI or Legacy Boot

NOTE: Windows is fully activated.

Before installing, read the “Installation” file in this stream.


————————————————— —- ——————————–

Update June 2020

– Microsoft Defender Antivirus Security Update – KB2267602 (version)

– Security Update 2020-06 for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 2004 Version of x64 Systems

– 2020-06 General Update for Windows 10 2004 Edition for x64-based Systems (KB4557957)

– Windows Malicius x64 Software Update – (KB890830)

– Microsoft Defender Antivirus Platform Update – KB4052623 (version)

————————————————— —- ——————————–

Windows 10 Pro is designed for small and medium businesses that allow it

organizations to control their devices and software, to protect their business data

activate remote and mobile applications and use the cloud

technology for their organizations. In addition to small and medium

Business, Windows 10 Pro hardware will be the best choice for organizations

CYOD support programs.

Windows 10 Digital License Activation Script 7.0 !{Latest} baixar

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Windows 10 Digital License Activation Script 7.0 !{Latest} baixar

Windows 10 Digital License Activation Script 7.0 !{Latest}

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Com a ativação da licença digital W10, você pode ativar Windows 10 com uma licença digital.


– Todos os arquivos são 100% livres de vírus.

– Este script não instala arquivos ou serviços em seu sistema.

– As atualizações do Windows devem ser ativadas durante a ativação.

– É necessária conexão com a Internet para ativação imediata (se você usar offline, sistema será ativado automaticamente no momento em que você se conectar à Internet).

– O uso de VPN privacidade, anti-spyware, hosts baseados em privacidade regulamentos de firewall podem causar problemas quando a ativação for bem-sucedida.

– Ao reinstalar sistema operacional, se você não alterou a configuração de hardware, se você reinstalou a mesma versão do Windows 10,

a ativação ocorrerá automaticamente, isso se refere à versão única do Windows 10 para varejo.

– Se você estiver usando a versão VL para Windows 10, usuário deve inserir a chave para este produto Windows, após qual sistema será ativado automaticamente.


Script de ativação da licença digital do Windows 10! {Mais recentes}

Messenger for Desktop Download Torrent

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Messenger for Desktop Download Torrent

Messenger for Desktop

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Free Messenger for Desktop Messenger for Desktop is the free unofficial version of Facebook Messenger. Freeware works like a regular browser that lets you browse Facebook Messenger. The application does not change personal data. MFD is a lightweight platform application compatible with Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows 7, 8 and 10 with macOS and (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Is it safe to install Messenger on my computer? Messenger for Desktop is a secure host for the official Facebook Messenger hub that can be accessed. Messenger for Desktop cannot access your personal account information: username and password. MFD does not touch the news either. The official Facebook software handles this data securely. Although MFD is similar to a web browser, the platform only has access to Messenger. Can I see my Messenger on my computer? Download Messenger to your desktop for easy access to your desktop application. The program can start automatically when people start their operating systems. This app is convenient for people who communicate a lot via Facebook Messenger because they do not have to pick up mobile phones or open a new tab in their browser to open the app and respond to built-in messages on their PC devices. In addition to receiving messages in the intuitive user interface, the MFD community can access and respond to messages displayed as notifications. These soft details make people aware of new messages while they are busy using computers and browsers. people do not receive notifications of new messages in the same way. Messenger for Desktop keeps people up to date with what’s happening in their inboxes. People save energy with MFD because they do not have to constantly check their browser or mobile phone for new potential messages. Instead, they ensure smooth communication. Messenger for Desktop displays the official Messenger interface in the app. The software optimizes the features of the original application on the computer hardware. While Messenger for Desktop is similar to a web browser, MFD is more convenient and fun. MFD’s text and video chat features are available for Facebook Messenger, and the browser designed for multiple MFD user interfaces is almost identical to the official Messenger user interface. This enables a familiar user environment that allows you to send messages intuitively, make video calls, etc. In the left pane, people can see the subject of the message. The name of the person or group that the users are communicating with is displayed next to the correspondent to the right of the name and is the time or date of the last message. Above the message list is a search field that invites users to search for people and groups. The Messenger for Desktop community can enter names and words to quickly navigate through conversations and display the specific instance they are looking for in the search bar. Members can create a new message by clicking pen and paper icon. The settings section is located in the upper left corner of the user interface. Next to the left pane is the current conversation window. To switch between messages, just click on another thread in the list on the left. The name of the active messenger appears at the top of their name and their status appearsto be displayed to let the user know how long they have been online. In addition to this information, there are features: voice calls, video calls and information. Easily start one-on-one and group video calls with the camcorder button. In the Write a message field, you can find skills for sharing pictures, GIFs, stickers, emoticons, reacting and touching in style. While the user interface is almost the same as in the official Messenger app, there are aspects that have been improved in Messenger for desktops. Compared to browsers, Messenger for Desktop UI expands important aspects of UX because the app focuses on FB Messenger: text discussions, video calls, etc. Along with the large screens, there is no extra white space or advertising inside the MFP with a minimalist, ad user interface, the MFD community offers the opportunity to give the user interface a new look with light and dark options. These customizations are available in alternative chat for Windows and Mac. Like Desktop Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp are applications that can run on PC devices. Use these applications to easily receive audio, text and video messages. While the aforementioned chat apps share similar user interfaces, the MFD aesthetic and appearance of WhatsApp is more intuitive than Skype’s Hub; This is mainly due to the complex installation of Skypes with Messenger for Desktop, Skype and WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger software is cross-platform. With the ability to make professional conference calls including features like screen sharing, Skype is the best option for business communication. MFD, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are excellent options for personal use. Compared to FB Messenger, MFD has less distracting touch color on computers. Messenger for Desktop is a secure application to install on PCs, Macs and Laptops. The unofficial FB Messenger app lets people quickly access their chats. When using PC devices, you can have Messenger open or receive background notifications. Do you have unlimited conversations, voice and video meetings with this new minimalist? The MFD team is committed to maintaining a consistent system update. Visit the official website for software updates, contact information, privacy policy, terms, reviews, cookies, etc.

CCleaner download free torrent

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CCleaner download free torrent


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Clean up your PC’s garbage and monitors for free CCleaner is free software that claims to keep your PC running smoothly and fast by removing junk files, trackers, unwanted programs, duplicates and more. It’s very satisfying to use, but there are rumors that it might damage your PC. I! Is there any truth to this or is CCleaner really a good tool in your arsenal? We see that your PC is working (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); CCleaner is veteran software that has been around for a long time. It has gone through different free / paid versions and is now a free app for home use. The paid software is called CCleaner Professional and offers more than 7 functions than the free version. There are other products in the CCleaner family like Speccy and Recuva, as well as CCleaner versions for Mac and Android. Downloading and Installing CCleaner When you download CCleaner, you will find that it is a hassle-free process. Setup is quick and smooth, but you’ll find the app built into the Start menu and context. Once installed, you can start scanning immediately. We have a feeling that CCleaner has looked the same over the past decade, but it’s a lot easier on the eyes anyway. Although not modern, it looks good and is easy to find. All cleaning is carried out in a large central area. On the left, you’ll see your software options, settings, and update options. What is CCleaner doing with your computer? PC CCleaner is marketed as software that upgrades, cleans, protects, and speeds up your PC. It does this in three ways: Simple Easy Registration Tools Clean is probably the part of CCleaner that you are most familiar with. It will search for trackers and trash, among which sprouts and various temporary files are listed. It’s good to see the app “verify” and give you a list, even when most of us aren’t sure what’s fancy. Scanning the registry is a part that many users fear. CCleaner will show you a list of damaged, missing, obsolete, or obsolete registry items. It then offers “fixes”, but recommends saving them if something turns out bad. After all, a wide range of CCleaners tools is a small service. There is installer, update, start menu manager, browser manager, hard drive attachment, copy finder, system restore and car windshield wiper. Finally, CCleaner also offers a settings menu where you can adjust items related to the appearance and operation of the app outside of each scanner. I! Does CCleaner really help? Some users are concerned about the effectiveness of CCleaner, and there is also an urban myth that CCleaner (or CCleaner alternatives like BleachBit and Wise Disk Cleaner) can be very dangerous for bad hands. To get there, we need to solve a small question. What Makes CCleaner a Faster, More Better Computer?In a certain way. For the most part, it only removes the items that take up space, and if more space is available, your hard drive can theoretically run more efficiently. You have to have a lot of trash on your computer to see bad improvements – modern computers don’t collect as much dirt as they once did. The same goes for a defragmenter – it was probably a legitimate tool 10 years ago, but our hard drive is more independent nowadays. It is possible to have multiple pastes to remove old software that you no longer need, remove browser extensions or remove junk. However, these are tasks that you can easily perform without CCleaner. The appeal of CCleaner, however, is that it does a bit of the work on its own, giving you a central hub to do so. I! CCleaner is dangerous? This question is a bit surprising. We don’t think CCleaner is dangerous, but it does give you access to a number of tools that, if misused, can affect your computer – Registry Registry. If you don’t know what you are doing, there is a registry that you can delete that is important for the operation of your computer. However, you don’t need to use this service. In this case, CCleaner will remind you to make a duplicate copy. That way, even if something is wrong, you can undo it. If you use CCleaner (or some other clean PC software) with common sense and common sense, it is impossible to find consistent software for any job. CCleaner is software that has been around for some time and continues despite rumors in the distance. That says something, and overall if you understand what it does and what to look for, we find it to be a consistent program. However, this is not a very important program. Modern computers no longer need to be cleaned as they once were. If you install more or less elements, using software like CCleaner will not have a significant impact on your computer. However, some people like the feeling of solving it and reducing it, and the fact that it has so many tools in one interface. If that describes you, be sure to download it – just keep your normal expectations and common sense high. What’s up? The latest version of CCleaner included important security updates as well as minor changes and updates to the user interface.

Vscode download

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Vscode download


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Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code is one of the best open source projects on GitHub and can be downloaded for free. A total of 22,606 projects were approved on 66 websites with 77 issues by 360 authors. This project has been called vscode by the incredible community.

Microsoft Office 2007 64-Bit free download torrent

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Microsoft Office 2007 64-Bit free download torrent

Microsoft Office 2007

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Important note: Microsoft Office 2007 trial version is no longer a Download button as it will redirect you to the latest version of Office. You can also find the Premium version and get your best work done with Office Office is the most popular and widespread productivity suite in both home and professional settings. The tools included depend on the exact edition you are using (Microsoft Office Professional, Standard, Small Business, or Home and Student), but generally cover all the main areas of your daily computing (function () {(‘review-app-page – desk ‘);}); Microsoft Office 2007 has a completely updated interface with the so-called “Ribbon”, a quick access bar with buttons for the most used functions. While this new design aims to make workflows faster and smoother, it can take some getting used to (especially after spending years with the same design). Regardless of which edition you use, the four main uses for Microsoft Office are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, which in some cases remain the industry standard for creating and managing documents: Word helps you do all kinds of Tasks related to writing documents, from editing simple text in complex documents, including macros, tables, images and shapes; Excel is the best application to handle numbers, calculations and mathematical formulas, all in 2D spreadsheets or 3D color graphics; PowerPoint helps you create attractive presentations with sound effects and transitions to accompany your lectures and conferences, combining ease of use with professional results; And finally, Outlook is the default email solution in many business environments thanks to its seamless integration with Exchange servers, digital signature support, and powerful add-ons (tasks, calendars, and more). Microsoft Office is Total Productivity Whether you like it or not, Microsoft Office 2007 is without question the industry standard in the productivity suite.